AI GPT assistant for asset management

The power of data analysis team

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The cost of Data Driven Decisions

Traditional Data Analysis Team

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Data Analyst - $120K

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Data Engineer - $120K

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Quant Trader - $120K

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6-12 months to test new strategy

neutral face = $30K/month, 6-12 months

AI powered data-driven decisions

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QuantCortex AI Assistant

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Unique data, insights, alerts

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AI Portfolio Strategies

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Real time AI alerts and updates

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AI/ML Market research and screening

Machine can read and analize data and reports for 1000 assets in seconds, when for human it requires monthsof work for some portfolio

Macroeconomic Data

Market Data

Income statement

News and Sentiment

Balance Sheet

Analyst Reports

Technical Data

QuantCortex analyzes thousands of reports in seconds and creates insights and summaries


Live portfolio management by AI/ML/LLM

Monitoring market, news, events, earnings, insider trades for each asset in your portfolio

Alerts on critical events that may trigger portfolio rebalancing

AI/GPT recommendations on portfolio management, rebalancing

Automated strategies, Portfolio optimisations


Automate, backtest, optimise and start live your investment trading strategies

Data Integration

Any type of data to use: market data (price, volume), fundamental data, news, sentiments, recommendations, ML predictions

Quant optimization

Quant technics to optimise portfolio management

Automate Wealth Management with AI/GPT

Learn how our AI/ML/LLM solutions can help you with asset and wealth management

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